Hiatus hiatus

So I have been on a bit of a blog hiatus of late. Not really for any reason. Mainly just good old tired-can’t-be-arsedness. Which came about following two back to back family holidays. First there was a trip to Scotland with my family followed by an immediate trip to France with Adam’s family. I had visions of lots of time to read books, take baths and remember how to catch my breath but it didn’t really work out like that. But more about those some other time.

Needless to say I came home tired. And there’s all this awful news all the time isn’t there? Terribly nasty things seem to be happening all over the place this year. War, death, destruction. Horror after horror unravels on the news each night. Such things can make blogging about my latest sunny walk in the park or roast lamb dinner feel more than a little trite, silly and spoilt.

So I went a bit quiet.

But having had a month where I’ve pretty much ignored my laptop I have succumbed to its metallic lure and the gently satisfying sound of the keys putt puttering under my fingers as I sip a glass of red. It is nice to be back. Let’s drink to the world of blogging, because as self-obsessed as blogs and blogging can sometimes seem they do little harm. Plus I spend many a moment’s peaceful happiness catching up on the likes of A cup of Jo and Belgian Waffle, so why not join in in whatever small way I can.

So what have I been up to amidst all the doom and gloom?!

Well, Kasper is nine months old now and therefore keeping me on my toes at all times. His chubby eminently kissable sweet little face is now filled with wonder throughout the day. He sits up now (mainly on a semi-throne of cushions in the middle of our living room!). He can roll left and right. He babbles and coos and gurgles. He loves to grab things, anything remotely within his reach he is grasping for. With all this new delight in the world he is of course asserting his authority where he can. I know when he’s not happy with me that’s for sure. But fortunately it’s not too often. He is a relaxed little chap on the whole.

His sleep is all over the place again and I’m up with him 2, 3 or 4 times in the night but hey ho. I don’t mind too much. I attempted the horror of horrors ‘sleep training’ one night last week but all it resulted in was a fractious crying baby throughout the night and a teary, exhausted me the next day. So I have decided against it for now. He’s teething pretty much all the time so I figure whilst that’s going on it’s fair enough if he wakes up every now and then. If I had a tooth furiously burrowing through my gum at night I imagine I’d find it hard to sleep too.

What else, hmm.

Catching up on watching ‘The Honourable Woman‘ is where I’ve spent most of my spare moments when commandeering the telly. I have mixed feelings on the virtues of this programme and don’t think it’s quite worthy of this raving review in the Guardian. Personally I think it demonstrates why it is never good for one person to write, produce and direct something as long as this. I can’t help feeling there are a few sections which have scraped through, when perhaps some objectivity might have stopped them in their tracks. I also find the sexual violence in parts unnecessary (what is it with men continuously needing to portray this type of thing on television – in a wholly unrealistic fashion?!). It also lost points on the Shivvie Mystery Barometer by being way too obvious at times. I am no sleuth and I enjoy watching things unfold, never spending much time straining to figure out what the secrets are. But watching this I figured out pretty much every single ‘shock’, which says to me they were too obvious.

However, I did enjoy it. I found it interesting, quite daring given the subject matter and on the whole I’m glad to have watched it. Specifically for the following, quite inane, reasons:

1) Maggie Gyllenhaal. I have a bit of  a girl crush on her I think. I have also spent an inordinate amount of time since wondering whether I could get away with short hair. Thoughts?!

2) Maggie Gyllenhaal’s clothes. Seriously, the stylist for this programme scored massively highly in the fashion stakes as far as I am concerned! Loved her clothes. Would love to wake up and peer at my own mannequin dressed in such finery, nothing weird about that at all.

3) Stephen Rea. Probably the true light shining out of this whole show. His voice was bordering on panto on times but I loved it. And him. More please. Has made me want to watch The Crying Game again. Remember that film?! Haven’t thought about that in years.

Anyway, that’s probably enough gibberish for now. I’ve just about time for a quick cuppa before Kasper wakes up and we head out to the Farmer’s Market. Oh yeah baby, it’s rock and roll out here I tell you.

My cheeky cherub on an early morning summer's walk

My cheeky cherub on an early morning summer’s walk


2 responses to “Hiatus hiatus

  1. My vote is no on the short hair. But I’m a wimp. If you are really feeling it, go for it! But keep the fringe! Nice bib Kasper 🙂

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